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Just applied...Livos Kunos on rough sawn fir floor.

Posted by Betsy Olerud on

livos kunos applied on rough sawn wood floor

Livos Kunos #244 in clear does it again.  This reclaimed rough sawn fir floor just got finished over the weekend.  The clients love the circle sawn marks and the rough texture.  Only a quick sand with 180 grit paper and three coats of Livos produced a beautiful floor highlighting the reclaimed patina.  The clients love the Livos because of its low odor and no off gassing now that it is dry.  To get 10% off of Kunos Natural Oil Sealer #244 use code blog10.

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  • L on

    I just saw this floor…it is absolutely Beautiful!!!

  • Linda on

    What was the color used on the fir floors

  • Béatrice Dias on

    Bonjour, j’aimerais avoir votre catalogue ainsi que vos tarifs.
    Ou puis-je commander le parquet.

  • Betsy Olerud Livos USA on

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL !
    That’s a DREAM floor….WOW.

  • Brandon on

    Do you still have the wood ?

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