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Just applied...Livos Kunos on rough sawn fir floor.

Posted by Betsy Olerud on

livos kunos applied on rough sawn wood floor

Livos Kunos does it again.  This rough sawn fir floor just got finished over the weekend.  The clients love the circle sawn marks and the rough texture.  Only a quick sand with 180 grit paper and three coats of Livos produced a beautiful floor.  The clients love the Livos because of its low odor and no off gassing now that it is dry.

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  • Béatrice Dias on

    Bonjour, j’aimerais avoir votre catalogue ainsi que vos tarifs.
    Ou puis-je commander le parquet.

  • Betsy Olerud Livos USA on

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL !
    That’s a DREAM floor….WOW.

  • Brandon on

    Do you still have the wood ?

  • Brandon on

    I have fifteen 5×17×39’ Douglas Fir beams from late 1800s looking to be reclaimed to a good home. Please contact me if interested. Thanks

  • Sue Adams on

    Where t you located andcdobubhace a catalogue. Is this reclaim wood or do y’all give it they look. Also how much a sq ft

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