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Newsletter January 2021

Posted by Betsy Olerud on

Your choice for ecologically friendly, plant based finishes.

How to choose the correct Livos product...

Livos manufactures hundreds of products.  Choosing just one can be challenging.  My go-to finish is #244 Kunos Natural Oil Sealer.  It is available in 24 colors creating a beautiful durable finish.  This amazing kitchen island and bar stools have Kunos #244 on the mahogany and the steel.  For the steel, I use Kunos#244 black after the acid patina.  For the mahogany I also added a bit of color  with Kunos#244 walnut to take a bit of the pink out.  Livos recommends one coat of color and two coats of clear. My last coat on the steel top is Countertop oil #243; it has extra water resistance and heat protection.

(Design and build by

Do you have a problem with muddy footprints too...

Use Livos Trena #556 to clean your floors.  It is a great all purpose cleaner. 
  • Gentle with neutral pH.
  • Easily removes dirt and grime from surfaces.     
  • Free of phosphates, soap, formaldehyde, solvents, and skin friendly.
  • Super economical and concentrated.  Mix just one tablespoon with 10 liters of water.  
When using on wood floors, remember to use a slightly damp mop going with the wood grain.

Are we Thankful...yes!

We are thankful for our family, friends, and neighbors
We are thankful for you...our loyal 
Livos customers.
We are thankful for Livos products that allow us to have a 
healthy environment for work and play. 
We are thankful that Livos is constantly 
improving their products.

So thankful...Get 10% Off

Thank you for subscribing! Use promo code news10off  to receive 10% off your order of in-stock items.  Now through Groundhog day February 2, 2021.
What beautiful projects are in your future that need Livos?  Send us your Livos photos or tag us on Instagram #livosusa or @livosusa.

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