Mini Van to Camper Van Conversion

Mini Van to Camper Van Conversion


Van conversions have become very popular recently with everyone wanting to get outside.  Since we live in such a beautiful place, we too have been thinking about a van conversion for some time. We were lucky enough to be able to buy and convert a 2022 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Mini van recently. We only needed sleeping space for one person, as we already have a camp trailer for the whole family. Thanks Andy Olerud at Dovetail Design for the amazing van build out!

First, all the back seats came out.  Then Andy built a floor, using the seat tracks for attachment, to cover all the existing mechanical seat parts.  On the passenger side, he developed a way to make the soon to be bed platform moveable from front to back.  

This allowed for more room in front of the bed and the ability to use the platform as a cooking surface.  Also, it allows for the perfect amount of headroom to sit inside if you are less than 6ft tall.

Conversion mini van cooking area

When the bed platform is pulled out, it provides a great spot for the cook stove.  The back storage well easily holds an ice chest, cooking pans, water, cook stove and so much more.

Sleeping bed in Mini Van Build out

Bed set up with plenty of room for your gear.

Tie downs were added to the floor to secure all the camping gear. The design also allows for a bicycle to be mounted to the inside, secure enough for any distance of traveling.  

Van build with bike inside 

The plywood is finished with one of our favorites, the durable, low odor Livos Alis decking oil in slate grey.

 Livos Alis decking oil


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