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VOC Information

VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that can contribute to the formation of ground level ozone.  Livos products are in compliance with the National EPA rules,  of 450 g/L or less for wood coatings, but several states have stricter laws.  The VOCs in Livos products have a very low toxicity level and off gas within 24 hours. Livos products contain zero semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs)

All US rules, except the South Coast Air Quality Management District, ( Rule 1113) have a liter (1.057 qt.) exemption which means you can purchase products in one liter or less quantities.  

Listed below are states the have stricter VOC limits than the national EPA. Please know the limits in your state.  

Arizona: Reg 111 Rule 335

California: 2007 CARB/SCM

California (SCAQMD) : Rule 1113

Colorado: Rule 5CCR 1001-25

Connecticut: Section 22a-174-41

Delaware: Rule 41

DC: Rule 722


Illinois: Subpart c, sec. 233.00

Maine: Chapter 151

Maryland: COMAR 26.11.33


New Hampshire: Env-A 4200

New Jersey: Rule 23

New York: Rule 205

Ohio: OAC Rule 3745-113-01

Pennsylvania: Chapter 130.601

Rhode Island: Air Pol Control Rule #33

Utah: Rule R307-361

Virginia: Article 49

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