Wood Finishes Tips & Tricks


Livos has a wide range of durable, easy to use, all natural products for all of your unique projects.  We are continuously increasing our product line.  So, if you would like to special order a product or color, please contact us.  We will do our best to get you the right Livos product for your project.    

Livos is available in large quantities for cost savings.  We would be glad to discount large orders as well. Please contact us if you would be interested in retailing Livos products.

Livos Color Chart

livos color chart

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Livos Certificate of Company Ideals

VOCs- Are they all bad? VOC's (volatile organic compounds) can be misunderstood. This short guide will help clear up myths and provide you with solid information on architectural coatings. 

Livos for inside applications. Use, cleaning and maintenance information for interior-use Livos products. 

Livos for outside applications. Information about using Livos on exterior windows, doors, garden furniture, playground equipment and more. 

Livos Germany Visit the manufacturer's site. 

Tips for finishing a wood floor with Livos

Care instructions for your oiled wood floor.

Care instructions for your oiled countertop.

Tips for Livos on furniture.

Tips for Livos in the kitchen.

Tips for Livos on stairs and floors.

Tips for Livos on exterior woods.

Livos neutral products. Products for allergy prone and chemically sensitive.