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Ardvos Universal Wood Oil #266


 Ardvos is a great choice for cutting boards. It is a penetrating oil, not a film finish.  It is very durable for a cutting surface and super easy to apply.


  • For Interior coniferous and deciduous timber
  • For cutting boards
  • Furniture, floors and multi flex boards


  • Reinforces and deepens the natural color of the wooden grain
  • After second application impregnating
  • After third application, satin-glossy and water-repellent surface
  • Colorless
  • Full declaration of ingredients can be found on the Technical Data Sheet


  • First coat: 1 liter covers 183 sqft
  • Second coat:1 liter covers 452 sqft
  • Third coat: 1 liter covers 1141sqft
  • Coverage depends on pre-sanding and wood material


    Safety and Handling:

    • Technical Data Sheet
    • Store and dispose of cleaning cloths, polishing pads, sponges, etc. that are still wet or even slightly moist with Ardvos Universal Wood Oil No. 266 in an airtight metal container or in water, as there is a danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the plant oil content.***