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Bathroom Furniture Oil | Linn #1703


For interior usage on solid wooden furniture, especially bathroom furniture and cabinets.


  • Solid wooden furniture
  • Bathroom furniture  
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • With three coats, glossy surface


  • Water-resistant
  • Full declaration of ingredients can be found on the Technical Data Sheet
  • Can apply over Kunos Oil Sealer and Counter Top Oil


Determine the exact coverage by doing a test application!!

  • First coat: 1 Liter for approx. 194 sq ft
  • Second coat: 1 Liter for approx. 678 sq ft.
  • Third coat: 1 Liter for approx. 968 sq ft.

 Safety & Handling:

  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Ensure good ventilation during and after application.  
  • Store and dispose of cleaning cloths, polishing pads, sponges, etc. that are still wet or even slightly moist with Linn Bathroom Furniture Oil No.1703 in an airtight metal container or in water, as there is a danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the plant oil content.***