Repairability of a Livos finish

Repairability of a Livos Finish

All finishes wear and show signs of use over time.  The beauty of Livos is the ease with which the finish can be rejuvenated when the time comes.  Just wipe on another coat, rub off the excess after a few minutes and you are back to looking better than new.  The Livos accentuates and brings out the character and patina of the wood that has developed with use.  On floors, the elimination of sanding can make the floors last many times longer.  There is no fear of sanding down to the tongue and groove portion of the floor board.  

With a film finish such as polyurethane or lacquer, the steps to refinishing involve stripping, sanding, masking and then applying a new round of finish.  Usually three coats!  The stripping and sanding process takes away all of the color and character that has developed over time.  The difficulty of this process often leads people to put off refinishing their woodwork so they live with an old and ugly finish for a very long time.

It's also very difficult to spot repair a film finish.  Usually the entire area needs to be redone in order to have satisfactory results.  With Livos, high wear areas can be touched up occasionally with no disruption .  The safe and non toxic aspect lets people remain in the area during the work.