Livos company Values...

  • Full Declaration

    Livos has, since 1984, listed all its quality ingredients right on the label.

    No secrets or animal testing.

    No surprises!

  • Natural Product

    Livos only uses plant, earth and mineral pigments without pollutants or heavy metals. As well as natural, renewable raw materials that are biodegradeable. Linseed oil is cold pressed without using extraction chemicals.

  • Health Protection

    Health is a top priority at Livos making products that are good for the environment, climate and you. Products are also available for the person that is chemically sensitive or prone to allergies.

Livos on the Inside...

Livos is your best choice for finish!

  • Accentuates the character of wood.
  • Penetrates the wood fibers adding protection without a film finish.
  • Stress free to apply for hobbyists, artisans and professionals with consistent, exceptional results.
  • Easy to rejuvenate and repair without a lot of sanding.
  • Low odor products for chemically sensitive and allergies sufferers.

Livos on the Outside...

Before & After

Rejuvenate old, worn finishes

Damaged wood floorDamaged wood floor

Repaired with Livos Kunos #244, scotch brite pad... no sanding

Repaired wood floor with Livos KunosRepaired wood floor with Livos Kunos

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Walnut Kitchen with Livos

I love using Livos because there is no toxic smell which is important to me and my family. It is so easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way! An all around fabulous product.

Melisa, Home Owner

I am a property manager for large custom homes. I use Livos to refresh floors, cabinets, and furniture. It is my go-to finish.

Aaron, Property Manager

As a wood turner, Livos is a great finish.  It is very easy to apply and you don't need a dust free environment.  Without buffing the finish is low luster.  With buffing it will have nice glossy shine.

Gary, Wood Turner