dining table with Livos natural oil sealer

Fine Woodworkers Are Using Livos Natural Oils: why they choose Livos and Woodworks with Livos

If these fine woodworkers are using Livos natural oils, you should give Livos a try, too.

Darrell Peart, furnituremaker.com, chooses Livos because:

"I have been using LIVOS products when finishing my furniture for a few years now.  I am very impressed with its ease of application, durability, and beauty.  For my Greene and Greene style furniture I especially like the colors I get on Sapele with KUNOS #244 Cocobolo. 
My initial switch to LIVOS was to get away from traditional finishes that I had become sensitive to.  I am glad I made the switch! "

The photos showing his striking work that is enhanced by Livos oils.  
Below is his method of using Livos oils:
side table sealed with Livos natural oil sealer
Wooden desk by Darrell Peart finish with Livos natural oils
Small dresser, Green and Greene style by Darrell Peart using Livos natural oils

Another furniture maker and teacher, Alexis Dolese, Dolese Woodworks, uses Livos oils because:

"I like to use Livos because it is a durable oil that is easy to maintain and apply. I think the sheen that livos has really enhances the natural beauty of wood and looks good in the years to come."

Rocking chair built by Alexis Dolese using Livos natural oils as finish.


Dolese light fixture with Livos Natural Oils
small round table built by Alexis Dolese with a Livos finish




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