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Steps to finishing a rustic walnut table top with Livos Kunos

Posted by Betsy Olerud on


Our clients wanted a rustic dining table top with a metal base.  I used a round bottom plane and hand planed the walnut top. I find hand planing is a lot more fun than sanding.  Andy burned and then wire brushed the ends to weather the end grain.

hand plane on walnut table















After planing, Andy assembled the table top with tenons and walnut pegs.  Once the table was assembled, I applied Kunos 244 clear with a foam brush.

applying livos kunos to table

While wet, Andy used a purple scotch bride pad stapled to a block to gently work the finish into the walnut.  Always with the grain.

livos kunos application on wood table

Depending on your room temperature and humidity, wipe down with a clean, lint free white cloth in 5 to 15 minutes.  If your finish is tacky, you have waited too long. Just apply more finish and it will rehydrate the finish on the table top.

finishing wood table with livos kunos

All rags, even if slightly damp, go into this heavily used metal can.  You can add a bit of water to the can to help keep spontaneous combustion at bay.  The rags are combustible due to the plant material in the finish.  

disposing of livos kunos rags properly

I applied two coats of Livos Kunos and one coat of Countertop Oil; I let each coat dry for 24 hours before adding next coat.  

It's that easy to achieve a beautiful, durable finish.  It will take several weeks for the product to harden completely, but we lightly use pieces just a couple days after the last coat.  

If the piece starts to get a little wear, we just apply a quick coat to bring back the original luster.  You can always "polish" the wood with a rag dipped in Livos to freshen things up as well.  Just don't forget about the rags. 


wood table finished with livos kunos



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    The construction of the table and the finish is first class as always.

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