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Beautifully turned bowls using Livos Kunos

Posted by Betsy Olerud on

These two beautifully turned bowls are by Mark Entzminger from Lincoln, NE.  Mark wrote "The bowls are pin oak harvested in Kansas City about 2 years ago.  I turned them and applied Livos Kunos while on the lathe.  I then waited about an hour and burnished the finish with a damp paper towel with more Livos.  And, now it looks great.  Not glossy, not matte, just the right amount of shine."  Thank you Mark for giving Livos a try.  Livos Kunos is a great choice for a non-toxic, low odor finish.

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  • Gary on

    Nice work mark, I’ve tried your method of applying Livos and it’s quick and easy.

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