livos kunos color chart

Livos Kunos has colors… 24 of them!

Livos Kunos #244 is a great oil based finish for floors, doors, cabinets, furniture…everything wood and sometimes steel.   It is plant and mineral based, easy to use and durable.  Of course, the colors can be mixed together or applied one on top of the another to create many different looks.  Kunos comes in 24 colors including clear.  Just make sure your last coat is clear for durability.

In the sample photo, the second column of each color has been applied with a "water popped" technique.  That adds another step in a finishing process and maybe one you might like to try.  It is not the preferred applying technique according to the Kunos #244 technical data sheet.  Remember a  sample board is always the way to go especially if you are trying new techniques.

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