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What does the Livos name mean?

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The Livos name has been developed from the Celtic language meaning:

color, gloss, scent, life

Nature was sacred to the Celts; every plant, stone, and animal was believed to have divine power.  Appreciation for nature thrives in Livos by ensuring more biodiversity through the use of renewable raw materials and by preserving finite resources.

Livos products are designed to provide:

  • a large reach
  • maximum longevity
  • easy maintenance
  • possibility to renovate
Livos continues to evolve and it is a great choice for all your finishing needs.

1 comment

Connie Gaby
Connie Gaby

Yellow pine is exterior. Rough and has not been kiln dried. I was thinking of using tar and linseed oil to protect outside of house and building.
Can you tell me why I would use this product rather than tar/linseed organically?
Thank you, Connie

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